Leadership & Staff

Steve Pettit

Head Pastor

Steve grew up on a farm in the black dirt of West Central Illinois. He was fortunate to be raised in a Christian family that did more than just go to church. His parents wanted each of their kids to attend a Bible College for at least one year. St. Louis Christian College was his pick. After that first year, he wrestled with his desire to be a lawyer, but gave God first dibs. The Lord opened the door to preach early his Sophomore year when Chancellor Luke Perrine told him a church had called and asked for him personally. Steve decided it was more a call of God, than just a church’s request and started preaching at least twice a week early September of 1978 and due to The Lord’s grace, has not stopped. In Steve’s words, he started preaching “without class” since he only had Biblical studies at that time. On top of it all, he and Julie started dating that very first Sunday and haven’t stopped since…with churches in IL, IN and now GA!

Julie Pettit

Church Administrator

Julie grew up in the country in Southern Illinois and being the oldest daughter to working parents she quickly learned how to “direct” her siblings and organize a house. Besides running the church office, most Sundays will find her at the back of the church or in the Tech booth helping out with the Media Ministry.  

Tim Hanesworth

Children's Director

Tim grew up in DeWitt, Iowa, a small farming community of about five thousand.  Tim’s home church  instilled in Tim thirteen things to live by through camps and various youth ministry opportunities.
13 things to live by:
  1. Jesus loves even me.
  2. There is no sin Jesus will not forgive
  3. Love and serve the Lord & daily be in His word
  4. Do what is right, not what is popular
  5. Do what is right, not what is easy
  6. Stand up for what you believe in
  7. Don’t be afraid to say I love you
  8. Jesus Christ brings joy
  9. Anything is possible when you have faith
  10. As I live my life, I do so with this prayer “Lord may I be worthy of the price you paid for me”
  11. Through these doors pass the best kids in the world
  12. This is a place where all kids will be loved and accepted
  13. In me Lord let them see Jesus
This foundation has been the core of all of His ministry opportunities.
Tim’s educational background is Concordia Seward, Nebraska and Concordia River Forest Illinois where He graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, with Director of Christian Education certification.  He then went on to do youth ministry in from 1995-current in the following locations: Modesto, California, LaGrange, IL (Chicago), Lubbock, TX, Jackson, MI, Fort Wayne, IN, Kennesaw, GA, and Acworth GA. 
Tim’s family includes his wife Amy who is an RN, his son Xavier a sophomore in college, Lilly a junior and Landon a freshman in High School. 

Henry Leno

Worship Pastor

Henry serves as our worship leader here at Branches of Christ. He’s been a musician all his life, and used to play in a variety of bands, cruise ships, and has always loved music. 23 years ago he began his journey in ministry and worship music, and never looked back. Henry loves Jesus, his family, and leading people into the presence of God.